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My garage door wasn’t opening or closing using any of our buttons. In less then 30 minutes my garage was opening/closing and in an even quieter and smoother way then before it broke. The StarWood Garage Door Repair fixed some wiring but also greased the garage door wheels and joints so that it wouldn’t operate so loudly. The difference was pretty incredible and I wouldn’t hesitate to call again if I had any problems.

Robert Jeter

Really stellar customer service. I’ve had some ongoing issues with my garage door and Sam always promptly returned my calls and better yet, texted me some tips on garage door maintenance pronto. Very thankful and it’s clear he is an expert in what he does and cares about the quality of his work and it’s not just about making a quick buck.

Erica Cha

My garage door opener made a popping noise and then started smoking! Called these guys and Sam returned my call promptly. He asked me a couple of questions and said he had a pretty good idea what the problem was. Said I could fix it myself and even gave me the part for free!! I picked it up from his place, popped it into my garage door, and voila! It was fixed!!!

Dawn Thomas

Our garage door wouldn’t open. I called StarWood Garage Door Repair. Sam came with an assistant and fixed the problem promptly. They did extra to re-nail the wires nicely and I didn’t expect that. It’s rare to get hear-warming service like that in silicon valley. Surprisingly their price is very reasonable. I will give them best rating possible and will definitely use their service again when it comes to garage doors!

Thomas Davis

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