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Garage Door Installation Service By StarWood Garage Door Repair Carrollton TX

Garage Door Installation in Carrollton, TX

There will come a time when you will consider installing a new garage door.  This could be for a number of reasons. You have let your existing garage door fall into disrepair and you are fed up with mounting maintenance and repair costs.  You are planning to move or upgrade your property. You could want a door that gives you more security.  For whatever the reason, for someone living in Carrollton TX, it might be a good idea to get in contact with us at Garage Door Repair Carrollton. Garage door installation is available for both the home owner and if you run a business.  The process starts by selecting your design.  We have an online design program that can help you make up your own design.  Alternatively, you can choose from a full set of existing designs. Added to this, you can call us at StarWood.  An expert can guide you through all of the alternatives that are available.

There are a number of variables to choose from. What style do you want to choose?  Preferably one that matches your existing house.  A commercial organization would need a design that matched their “corporate” image. There are a range of different materials to choose from. Steel, galvanized steel, requires less maintenance than wood, but can rust and can dent easily.  A fiberglass overlay can prevent rusting. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is durable. Laminated aluminum panels reduce denting.

Wide Array of Materials and designs

Please note laminated aluminum panels can be more expensive. This is a good material for double garage doors. Wooden garage doors, especially those using hardwoods, would look impressive but these might not be cheap. An alternative would be wood composites, such as plywood.  These are lighter, cheaper and possibly customized more easily. Maintenance is essential with any wooden garage door.  Given the variability of the weather, wood will rot in time. Fiberglass is very versatile and malleable. If the climate is cold, fiberglass will start to break in time and turn a yellow color. Vinyl is very tough and durable and kids will have a hard job denting it.  The only downside is that the color range is more limited. There is even a glass door option, for those with a designer garage door in mind, probably matching an existing house.

For those that are thinking about the resale value of their property, then matching the style and design with the rest of the house would be important. You may want a straightforward traditional hinged panel door, an “up and over” garage door installation, or a modern panel door. There are a number of different patterns and designs that can be added to any style of garage door.  Your house may be detached and fairly traditional in design. You could be in a suburban street where most places look the same. You may have a minimalist house design. We will be happy to guide you.

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Garage Door Installation Cost as a long-term investment

If you want any further help, please contact Starwood Garage Door Repair in Carrollton TX. We would be happy to send a representative around to discuss any possible designs and an idea of an estimate. Once you have decided what design you want and type of garage door you need, an estimate can be decided upon. We will guide you through the final stages of purchasing your garage door, plus any additional accessories. The next stage is deciding a date for a site visit. Authorized experts will come to your property and inspect your garage and existing garage door. All the appropriate details and measurements will be noted down. The next step is the installation of your garage door. The staff will be licensed to undertake the work.

 The existing garage door will be taken away. The door will be professional installed, plus fully tested. The whole site will then be properly tidied up. You will be “stepped through” the operation of the garage door. Full details and instructions will be supplied to you. Plus if you have any further worries, do not hesitate to get in contact with us StarWood. As for the garage door installation cost, think of the new garage door as a long- term investment. This should add value to your house. The existing garage door, given its possible condition, may have lowered the overall value of your property. A new garage door would make selling your house a real possibility.

Adding more Value and Security to your Property

Another important element when considering the garage door installation cost are your insurance premiums. There could be a reduction in both car and house insurance.  You will have a brand new garage door.  It will be secure.  It is not lowering the overall value of your property.  It could well be increasing it. Your motor vehicle will be securely locked away. There should be little worry about car theft. The initial outlay for the installation may seem high.  However, you should be able to recoup a lot of this initial investment by adding more value to your property as well as enhancing the overall security. However you need to look after your investment.  A modern panel garage door is like your automobile.  There are a set of different systems that need to work properly together, so that the garage door will continue to function properly.

We in StarWood will be more than happy to assist you in setting up a regular maintenance routine. There are a number of components and system which will need constant monitoring. A modern garage door relies on springs for lifting and balance.  If the garage door is used a lot, for example, open and closed eight times a day, these will start snapping in just three years. We would recommend that all springs be regularly replaced, on a set date, depending on how often the garage is used.   In general, you will have to look after your new investment– a wise and worthwhile one.

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