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Garage Door Repairs Service By StarWood Garage Door Repair Carrollton TX

The Better Approach to Garage Door Repair

There are two ways of approaching garage door repair.  Taking your modern panel door for granted, then having an emergency.  Alternatively, you can undertake routine maintenance and repair work.  In the long run, the second route is a lot cheaper and safer.  We can provide both services at Garage Doors CarrolltonWe offer a 24/7 service, and can get to you the same day in the case of emergencies.  We can also offer regular maintenance and repair work for your garage door. This would be especially important if you have a domestic garage which is used a lot or if you are a very busy commercial concern, which has a number of garage doors, which are used a lot.

A key component, which does need constant monitoring, is the garage door spring. Torsion and extension springs, in combination with the suspension cables help to lift and counter balance the garage door.  They support the opener motor. One major consideration is that these springs are held under high tension. Do not be tempted to do any spring removal yourself. These could jump out at you and cause you a lot of harm. Also, how are you going to find the correct replacement spring at a reasonable price? With any major garage repair work, the garage door needs to be properly secured and clamped. Leave all of this to the experts in Carrollton TX.  Please note that garage door springs have a limited “life” span.

Garage Door Repair – The Springs

Every time the garage door moves up and down, the garage door springs are subjected to a force. This will progressively “work harden” the springs.  They steadily become more stiff and brittle. A point will be reached when they will break. The opening and closing of a garage door is called a cycle.  It takes 10,000 cycles for garage door springs to start breaking. For a garage door that is used a lot, this won’t take long. If the garage door is opened 8 times a day, the garage door springs will start breaking after only 3 years. For 6 times a day, expect this to happen in 5 years. If you only use your garage door twice a day, the garage door springs will start snapping in 14 years.

If you are very busy and your garage door is used a lot, it would be very sensible to get in contact with us at StarWood.  We can quickly set up a regular schedule of visit by our trained technicians. When the time comes to replace the garage door springs, our garage door repair specialists will remove all the old springs and cables.  These will be replaced with high quality, high “cycle” life garage door springs. For any garage doors repair work, we will charge you only for the work and replacement components, which we have used for that particular job.  There will be no hidden charges or any added extras. Our staff is fully trained and professional.

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The Best Garage Doors Repair Parts

We also use Original Equipment Manufactured parts.  These are the parts and components designed and made by garage door manufactures for each specific garage door they have made.  We have direct contacts with the manufacturers and can also buy in bulk. Therefore, we supply quality parts at competitive prices. Failure to maintain and repair the garage door springs can lead to the whole garage door crashing down. This could catch your vehicle or anyone underneath the garage door.

Another important mechanical system is the rollers. These are usually made of either nylon or steel. These will wear in time. They will crack and get damaged. The rollers use hinges. The hinges in turn keep the rollers locked into a tracking rail. There is a whole range of different rollers, depending on the type of garage door.  When a roller is replaced, so is the associated hinge. Regular garage doors repair and maintenance will be needed to keep the roller system running in good order. We can check this system twice year.  Hinges may need tightening up, plus dents and damage in the tracking might need repairing.  It would be good to perform your own monthly check of all the different garage door systems. Use both your eyes and ears. Any noise from the rollers could indicate a developing problem. This should run smoothly as it guides the garage door up and down. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to call us at StarWood.

Reliable Garage Doors Repair Service

 A skilled technician can quickly diagnose any problem and make the necessary garage door repair. Another major garage door system is the opener.  Like the garage door springs and rollers, this has a definite mechanical element.  The drive system used to open the garage door can be a belt drive, a chain drive, or a screw thread.  All these different mechanical systems will be subjected to wear and tear.  Again, during your monthly inspections, you might start picking up strange sounds developing above your head. Gears, cogs, trolleys, and drive belts will all need replacing or possibly repairing.

Moving parts will need lubricating and tightening.  Again periodic garage repair work, combined with maintenance, is a far better option than experiencing an emergency. We at Starwood Garage Door Repair will be more than happy to provide you with this service. The main motor for lifting the garage doors is powered by the main electricity. Any problems with the motor then call us immediately.  The power supply needs to be isolated and the garage doors secured and clamped. All of these have to be undertaken by skilled technicians. Apart from mechanical components, modern garage door opener systems rely on electronic systems as well.  A very common problem is the photo eye going out of alignment.  This is how the internal electronic systems “communicate” with the external remote. If the photo eye needs adjusting call us, and we will very soon be able to sort that out.

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