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Garage Door Rollers Service By StarWood Garage Door Repair Carrollton TX

StarWood Roller Garage Doors – The Best You’ll Ever Have

Garage Doors Carrollton TX is the best garage door maintenance service provider found in Carrollton, Texas. We offer services related to garage door rollers, openers, installation, maintenance, and other repairs. As of today, we have organized a helpline number in order to easily and speedily address every prospective customer concern. This is to reduce the typical average response time for every service that we offer. The helpline number is available 24/7. With this, every prospective client can get in touch with our company, as well as the technicians and other employees, any time of the day. A few mobile vans were even added. Also, you can be rest assured that our  technicians and employees are well-trained and highly-skilled. They can respond to any concern or emergency at once. The helpline number and mobile vans were added for faster response times to our clients’ concerns.  We can now offer a quick and satisfying emergency garage door repair all over Carrollton and its surrounding areas.

Our top priority now is to offer the fastest installation, repair, and maintenance garage door services all over the area of Carrollton, Texas. There are quite a lot of emerging repair service providers around. This has made the competition in this kind of field very challenging. However, despite the heavily competitive market, rest assured that the repairs on your garage doors will not be compromised. Your openers, springs, and roller garage doors will still be carefully taken care of.

Garage Door Rollers – How to Replace them

In replacing your roller garage doors, you will need a new garage door roller, pry bar, large flat head screwdriver, pliers, clamp, and a helper. You can start by simply opening the old garage doors completely. Remember to put a clamp on the roller tracks on the way where the door usually opens for about 2/3. Pull the attached release rope located at the side of your garage doors in order to release it from the power opener. Since safety is your top priority, never forget to unplug the garage door opener from your power outlet. Use your pliers in order to bend the door tracks, causing it to slightly open. The next move is to line up one roller with the opening of your garage door. You can make use of the large flat head screwdriver to wedge the rollers between the track and the old roller. Or you can simply use your pry bar to remove the old garage door rollers. Slide in your newly bought roller and return the rollers back to the garage door tracks. Roll the garage door down and repeat the same process until you have completely removed and replaced your rollers garage doors.

The last thing you should do is to check for any misalignment on the garage door tracks. If you want to have any adjustment on the tracks, just loosen up the bolts and re-align it to the correct side. You can also use a pry bar for a little leverage on moving the tracks. Never forget to tighten all the bolts, screws, and tracks. If you have problems replacing your rollers, you can contact us at our helpline number and we will address your concern as quickly as possible.

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Lubricating Your Garage Door Rollers

The simplest thing to do when you are having troubles with your garage door rollers is to lubricate it. Lubrication will free up that noisy or sticky roller. It will only take a few minutes of your time and it will help you avoid any problems in the future. After all, less friction on the garage doors means longer garage door days. It will also help you avoid any future expenses. In replacing your rollers, it is important to have just the slightest glimpse of what makes up your rollers. Your r rollers are made up of a metal shaft that can easily slide into the tracks of your door hinges. You will see a plastic wheel, which rides inside the upper portion of your door tracks. The rollers have ball bearings that enable it to turn every time the garage door opens. Since both the shaft and plastic wheels move, it will most likely create a sticky or noisy problem.

You can use a silicone spray in order to lubricate the shaft and wheels of your rollers. Since it is located inside the sleeve, make sure that it is thoroughly lubricated.  You can keep a cloth or rag handy so you won’t overdo the lubrication process. Although this process is the simplest one, it requires a little patience along the way. As the shaft is fairly long, it would take a while before the oil can fully work through it. For as long as the shaft and wheels are turning freely and there is no more binding or grinding, you’re good to go.

Roller Garage Door Tips

So as to prevent further repairs to your garage door, you have to regularly inspect the hinges and rollers. Replace every loose or broken part as soon as possible. Bear in mind that you cannot replace the rollers without first taking care of the hinges. The highly recommended way for repairing your doors is in the up position because it will minimize the spring tension. You can use C-Clamps for roller stabilization. You can also use a long board so as to wedge the doors and safely hold it in the right position. Again, never forget to unplug the garage door opener for safety purposes. Another tip is that the application of lubricants should be once or twice a year. You can also use powdered graphite for your garage door tracks.

The spring tension and weight of the garage doors are the two factors which make replacing the garage door rollers a challenge. Hence, StarWood Garage Door Repair is here to offer fast and exceptional service. Just contact us at our helpline and we will respond quickly.

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