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Garage Door Springs Service By StarWood Garage Door Repair Carrollton TX

All About Garage Door Springs

A modern garage door panel is quite a complex combination of interlocking components and technologies. It is very easy to take your garage door for granted.  This is not wise.  Mechanical components will wear and break in time. If an emergency does arise, the garage door locks up or it suddenly comes crashing down. It is really important to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Garage Doors Carrollton Texas is available 24/7.  We will get to you as soon as possible with skilled technical help. Most problems can be dealt with on site.

It would make a lot more sense, however, if you set up a regular maintenance contract with us. This is to prevent any serious accidents from taking place, which could be both be dangerous and expensive. A good example of key components with a fixed life span is the garage door springs. They are essential to counterbalancing a panel garage door, along with the cables. They help magnify the force needed to open the garage door. The opener motor, on its own, could not do this. There are two main types of garage door springs, torsion and extension springs. These are under high tension. Even if you can find the correct replacement spring, removing tit, can be very dangerous.  Once loosened, they can fly out at you and possibly cause a serious injury. Therefore, call us at Carrollton TX.

Why Garage Door Springs Maintenance is Important

Also remember that any change to the garage springs can lead to the garage door suddenly crashing down. Our garage door repair technicians will know how to clamp the door properly with special clamps. They know the correct way to release and replace the garage door spring. Therefore, contact us at StarWood for the correct garage door spring repair procedures. The fixed “life” of garage door springs is determined by molecular changes in each spring when a force is applied to it.  This is called work hardening in metals. In time, the metal becomes more brittle and will eventually break. Every time the garage door moves up and down, a force is applied to the

springs.  This is known as a cycle. Typical garage door springs are expected to last for 10,000 cycles. The more times the garage door is opened and closed, the more force is applied to the garage door spring.  This leads to some interesting variations, which need to be taken notice of. A “high usage” garage used 8 times a day will cause springs to start breaking in only 3 years.  This could be a commercial garage or a domestic garage with many users. If the garage is used six times a day, the garage door spring failure will start in approximately 5 years. For four times a day, springs will start breaking around 7 years.  Used twice a day, springs will take 14 years to fail.

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Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair Service

If the springs start snapping, then the whole door might come crashing down on you, your vehicle, your family, or pets.  Therefore, if you are a “high garage door user”, then it is important for you to get in touch with us at   Starwood Garage Door Repair. We can send skilled technicians around to assess the condition of your garage door springs. If you provide us with an idea on how often your garage door or doors are used, we can suggest dates and a time period when all your garage springs and cables should be replaced, prior to the time when the springs start snapping.

Apart from not attempting to replace the garage door springs yourself, for safety reasons, another important reason for leaving this to us at StarWood is that we can find the correct component very quickly.  The spring has to match the garage door. There are a lot of technical factors to take into consideration. Plus we can also keep the cost down. We use Original Equipment Manufactured parts (OEM).  We can bulk buy any of these parts.  They are also the exact garage springs needed for any replacements. In addition, we are familiar with all the garage door manufacturers.  Even parts for earlier garage door models, which are no longer in production, can also be found. Trying to search on the web for these parts will be difficult.  Leave this to the garage door spring repair experts.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair and Other Services

We offer a range of different services and repair for various garage door modelsThere are a number of other important components and systems that will require maintenance, repairs and replacements. Garage door rollers need to run very smoothly and efficiently.  The rollers are made of either nylon or steel. These in time will get damaged, chipped, and worn. We can help in any repair and maintenance work that might be neededThere will be the need to replace the hinges that are attached to the rollers. Bolts and fittings may need to be tightened and parts lubricated. The tracking that the rollers fit into may need repairing and cleaning.  These can get dented and filled with debris.

The opener systems are a combination of electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems.  A good habit to get into is to do regular monthly checks of all the different garage door systems.  If you start picking up strange noises from the opener drive systems, then call us to check this.  There are two main systems that are used to open the garage door–a belt drive and a chain drive. Cogs, belts, and fittings can wear, get damaged, or may need tightening up. A very simple, but common problem is the opener’s “photo eye” not lining up with the external remote.  As a result the garage door won’t open. Garage door security systems will need regular updating. New systems can easily be introduced.

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